LED Roof Rack Mounting DIY Option

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I dont have a roof rack & if I did I could never reach it with my disability
I want side illumination off the rig for camping etc with these 4 18W slim LED’s

ok my desire is to add 4 LED's to the factory roof rack channels

this works for my 2004 gmc yukon, not sure if all years are the same

I discovered through online research that Fastenal Part No. (SKU): 48590 seemed to be the part I needed ~ https://www.fastenal.com/web/products/details/48590?searchMode=productSearch&filterByVendingMachine=

so I got 8 of these 4 as spares, bag of 1" fender washers & 3/4" 1/4X20 bolts

these channel nuts are tapped for 1/4X20 thread, which easily handles the weight & load of any small light like this

Parts all gathered:

I decided to have the channel nut on the bottom of course, then a washer, the mounting bracket & then another washer to finish it all off

this keeps everything very tight

I had to put the channel nut down on the outside lip of the factory channel & give a firm downwards push to get it in & you may too

once its seated it looks like this

& a wider view

now if warmer weather ever gets here I'll get these installed & wired up & report back

I'm thinking with some Yankee ingenuity you could use this for other projects off the factory channel