Leading or Chairing a Committee

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Del Albright

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Leading or Chairing a Volunteer Committee: No matter the group, sometimes being the chair or leader feels like free-climbing a backward leaning boulder. In a good world, you have someone below ready to catch you if you fall. In an ideal world, you have someone next to you helping you climb. But in the perfect world, you're safe on the ground, having coffee around the morning campfire while someone else climbs big dumb rocks! (smile).

My real point? Yes, leading feels like an uphill battle sometimes. It's the nature of human interaction. It can feel like it's never easy. NOTE: People who volunteer for something they believe in and support with their time, energy, and even money have STRONG opinions about the cause! So those opinions might make the "climb" even more challenging.

But that is where YOU come in! When YOU step up to lead, you are committing to help channel all that great energy in the right direction -- up the rock, together. It mostly just takes good communication! It all starts there.