Las vegas

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I am new to overlanding. I have a 2011 f150 and i am going to start a build very soon. I am just looking for people in the vegas area to chat with. My ig is jose.r___drifter
Welcome aboard. We have members all over the southern NV area. There are a small core of active members who do trails and participate here on OB. In fact the west OB Las Vegas thread has a open invitation for a easy trail ride right now. I'm sure some will be checking in soon. Click on a persons marker on left, under 'follow'. That way, anything they post will flag to you. a good way to be kept informed on their local plans and group plans bring made.

Fill out your profile page, your location for security reasons WILL NOT, be where you live, but many blocks away in the city somewhere (good), and also what you basically like. This is a great forum to belong to, where people share ideas and give a lot of helpful advice. Glad you joined. Looking to your contributions. :grinning:

Jerold F...................Instagram: @desertrunner_lv
PS: For some reason I did not see your Instagram page when doing a search?......from your above post. Feel free to comment and give advice on different forum posts, even it was something from your past expieriance or a thought that would be helpful to someone else. That is how knowledge gets out to all.
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