US West - Las Vegas Meet and Greet and Alamo Rd run | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

US West Las Vegas Meet and Greet and Alamo Rd run

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Las Vegas
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Sounds like fun, It’s been awhile for me. TBO has been on a major build. Check out Trail Benders Overland The Deuce on YouTube. Not sure if TBO can make it. TBO lost a rig to engine failure. But no worries we will be replacing the engine in Steven’s Rig. Get out there and have fun!
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wander mojave

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Corrales, NM, USA
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I should be able to make this. Looking forward to checking out some rigs! I used to volunteer at the visitor's center a few years ago. I've explored several of the back roads out there but I've not been that far north on Alamo. Should be fun!
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