Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky trail riding and camping 1-3 August 2015

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Not sure if this is the right sub-forum for this....but I wanted to announce to this awesome group of a very casual event planned in vicinity of Land Between the Lakes, Kentucky (hereinafter referred to LBL).

Its pretty simple, on 1-3 August, at LBL, a super chill place to camp out (literally 10 feet away from the shoreline) is the ideal homebase for the inevitable trail running at the very close Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) park called Turkey Bay.

I'll be hosting only on 2 and 3 August (work calls for the 1st, unfortunately). The event will require at most three days of on-board support (food, fuel, camp gear, supplemental items, etc). Worst case scenario, its federal territory and help is very close. Second to worst case scenario, a proper resupply point is 30 minutes away in vicinity of Murray, Kentucky (routes available upon request or your own research).

I love the XTerra community, but it would be a memorable experience to trail run with other, amazing vehicles and people.

Real-world heads up, LBL access in and of itself is easy enough for a Toyota Corolla (literally, I saw them). But Turkey Bay has three phases of technicality:

- First phase is PRIMARY (Yellow Diamond): A stock, off-road ready vehicle (like any Dodge Ram, Chevy Blazer, etc. NOT car and/or crossover friendly)

- Second phase is SECONDARY (Orange Diamond): Its recommended, although not necessary, to have rock sliders, at least a 2" lift, all-terrain tires, recovery equipment, at least five gallons of on-board fuel, CB radio. Side-by-Side compatible.

- Third phase is TERTIARY (Blue Diamond): Most of these trails are drivable with skill and spotting and PROPER COMMUNICATION, but Blue Diamond trails usually end up with a dead end for anything but a dirt bike or ATV. Ultimately NOT suitable for capable off-road rigs.

If anyone has any questions, please message me privately or post in this thread and I'll gladly respond as best I can. Hope to link up with some of you!