FOR SALE - (Lake Tahoe, CA) MORryde Trail Kitchen - includes Bolt-in Kit for JKU - $699 - Local Pickup Only | OVERLAND BOUND COMMUNITY

FOR SALE (Lake Tahoe, CA) MORryde Trail Kitchen - includes Bolt-in Kit for JKU - $699 - Local Pickup Only

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I'm selling my MORryde Trail Kitchen (fridge slider) with Bolt-in Kit for JKU, but it can easily be used in JLs as well (either permanent drill install or get a bolt on kit for JLU)
Here's what's included in the price.
  1. MORryde JP54-038 Trail Kitchen
  2. MORryde JP54-040 Flip out Counter Top
  3. MORryde JP56-024 Slide On Counter Top
  4. MORryde JP54-041 Bolt-in Kit for JKU
This entire setup is very functional, built very sturdy (like a tank) and super easy to deploy. So easy that I can do with one hand (check video) This version of their trail kitchen has folding hinge door where you can store kitchen utensils or a single burner stove like I did. I used to store Gas ONE Single burner + 4 butane cans, way more than enough for a weekend worth of cooking.

I also purchased the flip out counter top and slide on counter top, which adds so much counter top, it's awesome. I didn't have a flat platform (like goose gear) and didn't wanna drill into the Jeep to install it hence I bought the bolt on kit. This makes it super easy to take this kitchen on and off with easy.

It's super stable, no rattles on the trails and cooking on the trails were super easy, I used a ICECO JP30 fridge on top but I'm sure it can fit a 50qt fridge as well. I've attached the receipt I paid on quadratec (doesn't include Bolt in kit which is $90 I bought elsewhere) save yourself on tax and shipping.

Jeeps Roc does a great install (and review) video on his youtube channel, feel free to check out his 4 part series on this trail kitchen

I've attached exact spec sheets for this kitchen. But I couldn't upload a video of me deploying the kitchen so i've uploaded it to a google photos album here Morryde Trail Kitchen

It's sitting safe in my garage in South Lake Tahoe. Local Pickup only. I'm asking $699 and no low ballers please.
Feel free to lemme know if you have any more questions.


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