Lake Alpine trip

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My son and I just got back from a two day trek up in the Lake Alpine area. This was our first overland trip and we found it both rewarding and productive. The Lake Alpine area is beautiful country and the people were very nice. We also came away with a short list of things to improve on for both the rig and camp. Day 1, we left with the goal to head for Corral Hollow trail with a stop by the ranger station on the way. We found the lady at the ranger station very helpful and picked up a forest service map. With both the forest map and the book from Funtreks and many hours of prep I was ready to get off the pavement.  We found the trail, aired down and made it to the ridge where we spent the night with an awesome view of the sunset and sunrise. Day 2, we set out for Slick Rock trail which I new would be more challenging. The rig made easy work of the trail and we camped our second night next to Silver Creek.

A Thank You, goes out to Overland Bound your videos and tips were very helpful.