Irvine Lake Airstrip, July 26-28

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Hank Outdoors

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Lysander, NY
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I am looking to head into CA later this July. So far I am aiming towards camping at the Irvine lake Airstrip (Free Camping Near You | Go Camping for Free! ) if you know of any better spots to camp or explore please let me know... Any thoughts or info would be appreciated. If anyone wants to meetup let me know, I would love to meet/camp with some folks from the region.

Thanks in advance,
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Hank, make sure you check out North Frontenac Parklands out that same way!
Crown land (federal) but maintained by municipality. Many beautiful campsites that you can book, and a ton of trails outside that municipality as well, which would be free. Lots of fun off-roading in this area.

Enjoy the area!

Edit: also post on the Ontario Overland group on Facebook, plenty of folks from that region on there