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Hello you all,

This is just my two cents. So if you have a different opinion, that is fine with me.
When I see some introductions, or just first posts, and not only on this forum, lots of people introduce their cars, vehicles, planes and so on. But some just introduce themselves as John, Paul, Ringo en George.
And of course Iam very interested in other cars. Absolutely. But, cars dont write back, dont communicate at all on the internet (yet)
So, Iam very much more interested in the people that are coming here.

What I would like to see a bit more is an introduction of the people involved. Most of you people I will never see in real life. Europe and America are still far away. And I wont leave my dog at home. So, I know names and cars, I just dont see faces.
And I just love to see people. Having fun, in their natural habitat (hehehehe) and what they love here.

I love the thought of Michael, the great founder (first Jedi), about Overland. And we are bound by that thought. And yes, lots is about cars. Which I really like.
But, just tell more with pictures, video or just writing how you folks doing during trips.
Which reminds me. I need to do that more as well.

Thanks for reading.

Greetings from Robert