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Northwest Inland NW snow run and meet up

Discussion in 'Overland Bound Meetups' started by RyuKyuRvr, Jan 11, 2019 at 12:00 PM.

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    With the low volume of snow this year it looks like those of us in the Inland NW May get a chance to get up into the mountains for some early spring camping by spring break! With that in mind, why not grab your overlander, your kit and a trusty companion and head up to the Colville National forest where we can get into the snow and stay to the trails and hunt for that perfect spot by the creek before the mosquitoes get feisty and the fires get a chance to go! Looking at a weekend event, Friday night into Sunday for 3-6 vehicles! Let me know if anyone is interested, because while I’m not trying to get everyone bogged down, it is spring in the Kettle Range and you will probably need a place to hook a winch too and chains and straps just in case!
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