if you are going to travel to Spain you have to know this initiative

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Calle Oeste, Landete, España
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*Initiative Channel 7-7 Mountain Radio

Initiative Channel 7 Subtone 7 for Mountain Safety

The # Canal77PMR Initiative aims to increase the safety of all those people who carry out activities in the mountains by carrying a small unlicensed radio station / walkie that can be purchased on any large surface or online.

A single communication channel has been established (Channel 7 and subtone 7), since if we use different channels, it loses all meaning.

The initiative consists of three premises:

1) Coordination within the same mountain group: In hiking, it allows communication between the first and the last, preventing the former from separating much from the laggards. If necessary, the first one can be contacted for help. In climbing, it allows communication between the first and the second of the rope, avoiding possible confusion and accidents. In descent of ravines it allows to determine when the free rope is.

2) Provide or receive help from other mountainous groups that are nearby: In case of needing urgent help, by all being in the same channel we can provide / receive assistance from groups that are doing activities nearby.

3) Direct communication with the Rescue Groups: In the event that we have requested help from the rescue groups by the usual means, they can contact us as they approach the site, being able to expand the information and / or guide with more precision .

The Civil Guard announces in its brochure the frequency 146,175 Mhz, very widespread in its use by the shelters of Aragon, but this is only possible to use if we have a transmitter and license to operate these equipment, in addition to being members of the REMER. If yes, the current equipment allows both frequencies to be set, the # Canal77PMR initiative being complementary since the latter is free to use and without a license (446.08125 Mhz Subtono 85.4).

This initiative is not intended to modify the usual emergency alert procedure or replace the mobile phone, it only intends to publicize one more tool that provides security in the mountains.

Initiative presented at the Cima International Mountaineering Congress 2015