Highest road in British Columbia.

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Valemount, BC, Canada
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I did a quick over night trip up Canoe Mountain, which is just south of Valemount BC where we live. It’s about 13km from the turn off on the highway to the top of the mountain, and you can drive right to the very top. The road wasn’t to bad, it’s got some rough rocky spots, a little grown in in spots, but overall not a tough trail that most rigs even in stock form can do. It dipped down to -4 overnight and there was already an inch of snow at the top, we camped out under the canopy of our truck, I tried tucking in out of the wind behind the old radio building, but it was still windy.
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Camp for the night.
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Our camping set up for the trip, I need to get a longer hose for the buddy heater.
A short montage of the trip.

If anyone is planning a trip in this area, this is a must do drive.