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Hello guys, I'm also in the emergency services and have been a field medic for a while. With the blesing of admin and the other health care professionals, I am also here to help with answering any questions or setting up kits. Safe travels!


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To piggyback on Sheepdog831, I am a new member here and to Overlanding but am far from new to emergency medicine. I was a US Army Special Forces (otherwise known as Green Berets) medic for 16 years and have been a civilian paramedic for 27 years in total. I currently work for North American Rescue. I am happy to help wherever I can.

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Hey gang, I’ll pile on. I’m a Nationally registered paramedic. Been in EMS for going on 20 years. I have worked urban and rural EMS serving hospital based, private, and fire based volunteer systems. I have a background in wilderness care having completed a wilderness EMT course (a while ago) and I’m an active instructor in assorted certificate courses.
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