Help me identify the brand of my rear bumper!!!

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Before anyone chimes in with the built not bought, I totally agree with you! However, I got the deal of a lifetime on this truck while I was in the middle of building my last Tacoma. In my opinion that's just a good way to save money haha. Anyways I'm still getting to know her (one of the obvious disadvantages to buying a rig already built) and I cannot for the life of me find out what brand my rear bumper is. Please help!20190703_154156.jpg20190703_154211.jpg20190703_154224.jpg

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Could be from e bay ? There are so many knock off companies it’s ridiculous. But on that note I scored a killer front bumper for my Jku for $ 130 & it’s a copy of smittybilt & saved about $250. Nice looking bumper though.