HELP: manual transmission two-footing 3rd gen Tacoma

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I've been taking my 2017 Tacoma TRD Sport DCSBMT offroad a bunch since I bought it in July 2017. I've gotten great at 4Lo in a stick, and I admit that a majority of the time, I can get away with simply feathering the gas or brake, because in these newer manual transmissions, 1st and 2nd gear tend to roll on their own without needing to give gas. The tricky part is when I get into a technical crawl and I need to be able to hold the brake to control my decent (or ascent sometimes), and when I'm stopped or nearly stopped I need to give it gas so the engine doesn't die. I've been trying to practice more and more lately on trails to get better at it, but I'm really hitting some hurdles when I do. I'm looking for anyone with a manual transmission that has gone through what I'm trying to learn, that has some solid, helpful advice. It may just be a matter of "..yeah it doesn't ever get easy and I still struggle with it sometimes..." or "Stalling out is just part of the process with a manual transmission, you have to keep babying it and even then expect to get frustrated often." which are both understandable, I just want to hear from manual transmission drivers with real world experience two-footing technical offroad spots. I keep hearing "You can do this" or "You should be able to do that" from people that have never done technical spots with a manual transmission. I want real-world experienced recommendations if at all possible.

Here's one video of me trying to work on my two-footing. Now go easy on me here, I deliberately told my friends that I wanted to work on my two-footing so I expected to stall it out multiple times and I honestly wasn't watching my line very well because I was focusing so hard on keeping the engine running while crawling slowly uphill etc. In this video I'm not touching the clutch at all. I'm using the clutchless start button to start it on the hill so I can lightly hold the brake to keep from rolling backwards and press the gas to start crawling. It seemed like it wouldn't start even if I gave it gas. It just kept inching forward with all the engine lights on then finally turned over, which annoyed me because it lurched and I couldn't prepare for it. There's no way to know when it would turn over.

Hit me with any help you guys and girls can offer.
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