Has anyone tried Maxtrax Mini?

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So recently I've been looking at carrying something to use as a base for jacks (hi-lift and bottle jack); I remembered that the Maxtrax Mini JaxBase was a thing, so I started looking for reviews and they're apparently not popular enough to have many reviews. I'm sure they'll function fine as a base for my jacks, but what I'm trying to decide is if it's worth the money to buy a set (nearly as expensive as a full set of Maxtrax) vs just buying a dedicated jack base or even just hauling some wood around. I'd only want to pull the trigger if they seem to function well. The other side benefit is that rather than always carry my large Maxtrax in my truck (for emergencies) I can carry the minis which will be far more convenient.

Anyone here have experience with them? They look great, I'm just wondering if they're long enough to get momentum.