Hammock mount

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would you like a Hammock hitch mount

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Hi fellow OB'ers,

As some of you might know (the ppl in the WhatsApp group) I have my own shop in restoring classic car's and doing custom work.
Someone in the whats app group shared a photo of a hammock mount for on the trailer hitch.

Now I am considering to make some of those hammock hitch mounts, in the US a square trailer hitch is normal, in EU the normal hitch mount is a ball hitch.
So what I was thinking, I want to make a hammock hitch mount in 2 versions, #1 square hitch mount, #2 ball hitch mount. But before I put some time and afford in this "little" project I would like to know if there are ppl who would like this, what type off hitch mount they have and 1 last thing, how much money you are ready to pay for it.

So the things i'd like to know:

#1 are you interested in a hammock hitch mount?
#2 which type of trailer mount do you have?
#3 what would you spend on such an item, how much do you think it is worth it?

I would like to give this thread some time to gather some info and I will see from that point what I will do.

Ooh I want to make the hammock mount so that it takes as little space as possible in the car.



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Hey MabeByMade,

That’s would actually be something awesome to have. I both overland and hammock camp. Sometimes camping a certain sites can be a pain finding a spot that permits you to use trees for the straps. It’s the only downside I see to using a hammock for camping. I use a square hitch (recess hitch) on my truck.

I’ve seen hitch adapters from $200 on up so it’s all depends on what you feel is right for the time and labor your putting into the product.

I do carry a homemade wooden hammock stand with me camping in the off chance I can’t use 2 trees but they take up some room I could use for other gear so something smaller would be great to use.


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1. Yes, I'd be interested, depending on design, cost, and functionality.

2. Square two inch receivers on both my van and the rear of my trailer. One thing to consider when designing your hammock hitch receiver mounts is that some mounts may need extra clearance to get around swing-out arms or other accessories like a mounted winch. I'm seriously thinking of adding a two inch receiver to my front bumper as well, to better jockey stuff around when needed.

3. As for what I'd be willing to spend, I'd shop around and see what other products of similar build are going for, then decide which vendor I wanted to use.

Here's the receiver on the back of my trailer. Though the image makes it appear the pin for the swing out is right at the receiver, it is plenty far away:

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