GWNF JULY 4th Meetup

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Richmond, VA, USA
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Hey there everybody... so my group in Richmond ( Trail Hounds ), are going to be doing a July 4th meetup/camping trip in George Washington National Forest. If anybody in the Virginia region or surrounding areas would like to join us please feel free!

We will be heading to the park July 5th morning, and will be staying through July 7th. There are plenty of huge campsites and I plan on getting there early to find a huge one to reserve so if anybody else wants to share camp sites, we're game!

It will be BYOB & Food, but regarding the first night... if anybodyis going to join up, if you message me and let me know you're going for sure, I will make chili or something for everyone!

We will be hanging out, enjoying nature, taking some hikes, hitting the 4wd trails, etc.

So, if you'd like to join us, please give me a shout, PM me, or text me and we'd be happy to have you!