Georgia Traverse

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So I have been planning a Georgia Traverse trip for August 5-11. The plan is to leave Florida Monday morning and drive to Rockmart Georgia. I have friends there with property that I hope to camp on. That puts us in perfect position to hit the route Tuesday morning headed west to east. I'm hoping to take a small detour about half way through to explore some of Cherokee National Forest as well. It will be me and my two children for now, leaving an open seat as well for the moment if anyone wants to ride. The Georgia Overland site says the route should only take a little over 3 days so that will leave us some wiggle room to go slow and take in the sites or make detours as necessary because of road closures or what have you. This is an open invitation. Hope to see some of you are interested in this trip as so far all of my trips have been just me and the kids, would love to meet more like minded people and expose my kids to more of this community.

I posted this over in meetups as well, as I'm not sure quite where to put this....
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