from the Caspian to the Black Sea through the mountain passes.

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Most recently, I returned from an expedition to the Caucasus. We drove through: Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, North Ossetia, Karachay-Cherkessia, Kabardino Balkaria, Adygea.
90% of the route passed through the mountain passes. Every day we could observe the beautiful landscapes, learn the history of the people, buildings. The whole Caucasus is a legend associated with wars. In these parts it was not always calm, especially in the old days, when any conflict was resolved with bloodshed.
I don't want to scare you. Now in the Caucasus, quiet and peaceful. My navigator in this expedition was mini bull terrier Zakhar. For his 2 years and 8 months, he has been to many places, and has seen indescribable beauty.
We started in the city of Derbent, Dagestan, and moved towards the city of Sochi. Below is a map with the route.IMG_4705.JPG0631FD36-E49D-401D-A0E8-61D6FB5E5397.jpgIMG_4749.JPGIMG_9134.JPGIMG_9138.JPGIMG_9265.JPGIMG_9326.JPGIMG_9147.JPGIMG_9239.JPGIMG_9604.JPGIMG_3322.JPGIMG_4812.JPGIMG_4840.JPGIMG_4975.JPGIMG_5042.JPGIMG_5048.JPG5c61f55b-9e24-4f3b-b975-3214143e5e7c.jpg4F0CF03C-0C8F-4E8A-AA13-CC83BFEC792A.jpg6971F791-C474-4C79-970F-E5EEDD6AF880.jpgIMG_5060.JPGIMG_4997.JPG6EF58B03-06AA-4BD0-BA56-3E1171C3CC3E.jpg53BE4107-AFEF-44C6-A656-BB4EFDFB48E2.jpgIMG_5190.JPGIMG_5202.JPGFBF1C5B4-63E0-4868-B3CE-423C11E3AD7E.jpgIMG_5212.JPGIMG_5221.JPGC3684602-96C6-4249-A61C-0E05A6AFCEDE.jpgBA8CE2D6-DA26-4AE4-9F4E-AFA26E6F2219.jpgIMG_5268.JPGA9D31F17-FE92-4368-9C5E-A26ECF9D00AF.jpgedbbac8e-3171-47e7-a07f-1ee87aabf346.jpgIMG_5466.JPG53052c1b-032d-4d00-a99b-d68707e6c28b.jpg8359f70b-45da-4968-9269-621fcf3634c6.jpgE896794D-152A-4B84-9D97-CF3D35236D37.jpg5FCEFC3A-707E-4F05-A704-8C8AE7E4D21E.jpgIMG_0185.JPG