US Southwest Free to local (Flagstaff, AZ and surrounding area) OB members: 2007-present Tundra & Sequoia suspension

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I'm selling some almost unused suspension parts that came off a Base-level (non-TRD) 2012 Tundra.
They have fewer than 5k miles on them and have been sitting in my garage since I bought the Tundra. I sold the Tundra with its lift and upgraded suspension.

If you're an OB member local to me or are coming through my area, I'll GIVE to you all of the parts. Or I will sell to you subsets for 50% of my asking price on CL.

CL Asking prices:
Full kit: $300
* Rear leaf springs (pair): $100
* Rear shocks (pair): $100
* Front struts + springs (pair): $100
* Steering kit (Set 11+pieces): $200
** Upper control arms with ball joints (2 pieces)
** Steering knuckles (2 pieces)
** Outer tie-rod ends (2 pieces)
** Stabilizer bar links (2 pieces)
** Associated support brackets.