Foxwing awning AND rooftop tent.

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I picked up a foxwing awning for my truck a few weeks ago. I need to get it mounted to my rack right away, since I have some spare time.
Trying to decide how to get it mounted.
I have one issue though, it is very tall so sticks up quite a bit.
No matter how I mount it, I think it will be blocking the tension rods that hold the fly open on my tent.
My question here is, has anyone had luck just bending the rods a bit to clear the tall awning ?

You can see in the photo where it will be mounted. On the horizontal tube that runs front to back.


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That's a common issue with combining a foxwing with an RTT. Our Turtleback has the same issue but we simply leave the two sides un-deployed on the RTT when we use the awning. I tried bending one rod but it was too extreme of an angle to maintain tension.