First trip of spring

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Rick Morehouse

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Today we (The Family and I) took our first trip of the year, trust me no contact with anybody else didn’t even refuel but the powers that be said no non essential travel this trip was absolutely essential after having two teenaged daughters quarantined for 14 days ( they were driving me crazy). Found a couple of trails we will be traveling once the snow is gone (I don’t like putting myself in bad situations when I am by myself so I don’t traverse snow fields when I don’t have somebody around to help me with recovery by that I mean another vehicle). This year I will be traveling loser canyon, cottonwood road, Burr trail, hole in the wall, hells backbone, after those easy trips we will move onto the more difficult ones but those trips are to get the wife accustomed to the off roading stuff. Our goal for the summer or fall is to overland from the north rim of the Grand Canyon to at the very least the Utah/Wyoming/Idaho border preferably up to Yellowstone8318ACA9-9A8C-472C-B269-492167D663C2.jpeg
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