First trip of spring in British Columbia Canada.

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Valemount, BC, Canada
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While my wife was on a trip with our youngest to visit family in Quebec, I loaded up with our older two for a couple nights. We headed out to one of the forestry rec sites along the canoe reach of Kinbasket Lake. Kinbasket Lake is a man made lake, the lake started to flood in 1970 with the completion of the Mica damn generating station, on the Columbia River. Before it was a lake the Canoe reach was the Canoe river valley that had just over 20 sawmills working along its length, all of which are no longer there due to the lake. You can still drive just over 60km on the west side, and almost 70km along the east, so there are lots of spots to set up to camp for a few nights. We chose to stay at the yellow jacket rec site, as it is a nice spot, and didn’t have a ton of snow. We spent two days and nights exploring the surrounding area, took some photos, did some video of the trip, it’s now up on our Channel.