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So after going on a few overlanding trips with my brother I deiced I had to get my own truck.

Due to having to travel lots for work and being pretty much broke I needed something cheap and even cheaper to run. When my mate said he was sending his MU to the scrappy I told him whatever the scrappy offered him I would give him for it. so 1500 bucks latter I owned my first overlanding truck. its probably the worst truck you could pick for overlanding its small 2 door and has no mounts for roof racks :/ but hey if it was easy it would be boring.

More info on the truck.

Its a 1993 Isuzu Mu with a 2.8 turbo diesel engine.

2" shackle lift and stock 31" tires.

A grunty big rear bar with a stock nudge bar on the front (Dont ask me why)

After lots of hard work hes pretty much road legal just need to sort out the handbreak and its off to see the wof man :blush:

Some of the mods planned for it

Snorkel is in the post

Front spot lights

Rear lights

High lift jack and shovel mount on spear tier

Front bar and winch

Rock sliders

Steel rims and mud tires

Storage unit in the boot

And a Overland bound sticker witch should arrive in the mail any day now :grinning:


I would love to hear your opinions on the truck and any helpful tips would be awesome as its my first time owning and working on a diesel :grinning:


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@Blair There was an ad out for one the same as yours last year which was well modded.


Take a look as it might give you some help. He had a roof rack and tent up top so the racks to fit are probably out there.

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Hello Blair,

You have got the Isuzu brand called Opel Frontera. Which is my Rig.(one of them)

And I think they are great. Very simple, so easy to maintain.
And as it is a cheap car, you just can do anything with it. I drilled, welded and just went on and on.
All the pictures (most of them) are here
The others you can find on my website and FB page.

So enjoy you Rig.

Greetings from Robert


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In new zealand and australia they are call the Isuzu MU (mystrys utility), in the US they are called the a Amigo and in Europe they are call the Opel Frontera :grinning: all the same truck there was also the Honda jazz pretty much the same truck again but they came with a v6 petrol engine :blush:

Awesome truck and I love the little trailer might have to build one up it would be an awesome way of getting stuff out of the truck :blush: Not to sure if I could bring myself to drill holes in the roof just yet maybe down the track but it would look awesome with a roof basket and would give me somewhere to put all my stuff.

What size tires are you running super tempted to jack it up on 33s but a worried I'm going to constantly break cvs?