Exploring Oregon - Geology Tour - May 23rd to 27th

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Good luck. Going to be a great trip. Going to visit a lot of cool places and hang out with cool people!


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Here is a list of the places will be stopping at along the way. Hopefully we can get to all of them. If not then we can always go back another time.

Glass Butte - Rivers of Glass – Glass Butte, Oregon
Lost Forest and Christmas Valley Sand Dunes - Lost Forest/Dunes/Fossil ACEC | BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT
Crack in the Ground - Crack-In-The-Ground | BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT
Green Mountain Lookout - Green Mountain Camp Site | BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT
Derick Cave - Derrick Cave | BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT
Largest Juniper Tree - Have to see if for our selves. Cannot find the original reference to it.
Fort Rock - Fort Rock - Wikipedia
Hole in the Ground - Hole-in-the-Ground - Wikipedia
Big Hole - Big Hole (Oregon) - Wikipedia
Newberry Crater - Newberry Volcano - Wikipedia
Arnold Ice Cave - Arnold Ice Cave
Painted Hills - https://www.nps.gov/joda/planyourvisit/ptd-hills-unit.htm
John Day Fossil Beds - https://www.nps.gov/joda/index.htm

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