Explorer cargo storage box

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Rick Morehouse

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Right after we bought our 05 Explorer with third row seating I became very upset with our purchase. The fact that behind the third seat when in the upright position there is no storage area to really speak of. This drove me crazy, where do I put tools where do I put spare parts, oil, flashlight, spare batteries, emergency gear. You see normally I would just slide a plastic tub or something similar into the back.....boom......done. Well after about two weeks of thinking plotting planning I got my tools together and made I guess you could call it a chuck box for behind the rear seats on the floor I had roughly 15” inches from door to seat back if I went to seat top there was 9” inches from the door to seat back. I went 24”inches wide contoured the box to the angle of the seats so I wouldn’t all that space. I put in dividers and shelves covered it in some left over upholstery fabric I happen to have and I think it turned out pretty nice. I even included some sliding drawers ( the yellow bins in photos) I fit six quarts of oil, two quarts trans fluid, a dozen old fashioned road flares,some tie downs, some glow sticks, small first aid kit (I do have a much larger one in the vehicle),flashlights, batteries, hose clamps various sizes, a tool kit, some rope, some emergency meal bars, rags, a gallon of coolant. I had left roughly 18 inches of the minuscule cargo area untouched in case it didn’t work out the way I wanted. I added a 1/4 inch plywood door on a piano hinge with a simple locking hasp to hold it shut the door folds down into a flat work space all in all works great I bolted it down just in case we are in a accident so it doesn’t become a projectile


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