West Expedition Overland's Vehicles for Sale - 4Runner Tacoma

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Fort Worth
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These guys are based in Bozeman. Probably have been posting it up wherever they can. They put together some very nice rigs.


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Sioux City, Iowa
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It saddens me to see them slowly move away from the Toyota platforms and move onto much larger rigs. Obviously someone is going to be getting a dream rig, but with a nice hit to the bank account.

James Deaton

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Their world is in constant motion, as are all our worlds... it seems they want to start bringing their kids on their journey, and you can only do so much with the platform they are in. They are pretty maxxed out on room without accounting for kids.

No one with a family should be in one vehicle for the rest of their lives. Kids get older, bigger, and the cars have to accomodate, then kids move out, and cars can get smaller... it’s a cycle.

Toyota builds great mid sized vehicles, but let’s face it, the Japanese are not overly obese like Americans, so they don’t need to build trucks that fit three 300lb men three across. The US domestic truck market can accomodate these folks though...