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Hey guys, curious if anyone has had problems with there ecodiesel? i have had many including a new turbo...

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Wife had a 2015 wk2 ecodiesel that had a leaking turbo fitting at 52k miles. Then after picking it up from the dealership, pulled it over 1/4 miles down the road and popped the hood, noticed they failed to reconnect a hose. I fixed it in a parking lot and the following day we decided to trade it in for 2018 wk2 trailhawk and 3.6 motor.

We loved the ecodiesel but considering our sour relationship with the dealership and their service mgr/service advisors who didn’t know crap about the ecodiesels along with the GM being a complete ass to my wife in front of me, we took our business elsewhere and bought the new jeep.