Dometic CFX 65W

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Finally after himming and hawing for a few years we are about to get ourselves a fridge. We have a small Engel we use as an icemaker/ beverage chiller installed where the console used to be. I'm going to tap into the #6 bus line at the rear of the cruzer using #10 wire and Anderson connectors for about a 6 foot run to the battery in the trailer. Of course everything will have inline fuses, etc. The inside of the trailer is nearly airtight. It does not leak and we've never had any trail dust or roadgrime inside of it. The cooler will be installed in the front compartment and will be about 4" off of the floor, and will have 3 to 4 in the front and back and nearly 6” at each end . (Dometic recommends at least 2"). I'm thinking That’s all the space I need without venting in any fresh air. ? Any thoughts?
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