Does it all come down to tires?

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@Reconnoiter Yes it is all about tires ! My other rigs over the years, 89 yota pu 35's, 5:29's, locked, lifted, etc. , 98 silverado lift, 35's ,4:88's, 86 K20 Diesel Suburban, lift, 4:88''s , full floaters, rear locker, 36's.... and yes they were cool but alot of money chasing the next fix. At least in my mind a real PITA ! and not really worth it in my mind. So when I got this 96 LX450 ( basically a landcruiser 80 ) I've left it stock , with stock 31's , I may go to 33's at some point , but my 31's (stock size ) are fine , it gets me where I want to go without batting an eye, I could careless for rock crawling , etc. ... its just about finding cool trails to drive on and take pics, etc. like the Old Como rd we shared. After modding the other 3 trucks, I thought who am I to re-engineer my truck ? I'm not an engineer, so just leave it alone and enjoy it . I did swap out the tired suspension for a OME kit , but got the stock height kit , cause I knew If I would have lifted it with taller springs, I would have had to have taller tires, then regear, etc. .... been there , done that ... 3 times .... so this time like I said before .... keep it more or less stock and just enjoy it ... at least for me ...

on the Old Como rd by that mine ... with my gal , Jan leaning on my "80"

89 yota pu

86 Diesel Straight piped Burban

Can't find a pic of the silverado , but ya know what they look like ... anyway .... my stock cruiser is fine stock !
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Tires make it roll, make it stop, make it crawl...from sports cars to bicycles, the part that touches the ground is very important. They can make the difference in stopping 10 feet shorter, to getting over an obstacle, to getting through mud, to not putting a branch through a side wall.

Buy a quality tire. Keep them aired properly. Keep them maintained properly. You'll be happy in the long run.
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We will drive a lot of miles to get to some interesting off road adventures (our 6000km road trip to Colorado and back is a prime example) , so for me a good AT tire that performs half decent on road and good offroad is the way to go. Currently I'm running the KO2's in a 285 and have been very pleased. In our travels I have not found them lacking at all yet and will likely replace them with the same when they wear out. I run them close to 40psi on road, and anywhere from 18-25 offroad, depending on circumstance. I have not had much experience with lower quality or off branded tires on my offroad rig. Tires are one thing where I feel that the investment in a good quality sound tire is well worth it. I have always used the same thought process when buying motorcycle tires, and have yet to be let down. All the money we spend on our rigs , and all the loved ones that we travel with in our rigs meets the road and trail on 4 little patches of rubber so yeh, I think that tires play a most crucial part and pretty much sit at the top of the pyramid.
I'd like to fit a pair of 285 KO2s under my rig as well. Do you have any lift, or did you require any trimming?
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I'm very glad to see so many people on here understanding the importance of a good set of tires. I unfortunately know we quite a few people in real life who do not understand why they shouldn't cheapest used tires they can buy.

My Grandfather and father drilled into me the importance of a good set of tires, after all, you can have the best brakes in the world, but if you tires loose grip and lock up, then I bet you aren't stopping any faster

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Oh, and I run Cooper AT3's on my rig after talking to quite a few different shops and reading a stupid amount of stories and information. Never let me down once except for when they tried to take on a 3 inch framing nail...


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If you go with a well known brand AT or MT you will be fine. I've had BFG ATs, Treadwright knockoffs of the BFG ATs, Pro Comps, Super swampers, Hercules (don't remember much about them). All did well. More aggressive tread, better traction with more noise and quicker wear. I run MTs on my truck instead of ATs because it isn't a daily driver anymore. Every person will have a slightly different need. I also have to make sure that I keep the load rating up for hauling, while many don't need 3900 lbs load per tire.