DIY Kitchen/Storage and sleeping platform JKU

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I've added a sleeping platform (i'm short) for sleeping, my dog and/or more storage on it and below it. Once the rear seats are folded down the platform goes in and is leveled with 1" conduit which adds more storage both above and below. The platform is 2 pieces that get locked together with butterfly locks. Those 2 pieces also lock to the box and won't move. The piano hinge underneath folds so once the rear seats are up the platform will also fit on the rear seat so my dog has a good sized bed to sleep on.

IMG_3745.jpg IMG_3746.jpg IMG_3742.jpg IMG_3741.jpg 2017-07-10 17.06.19.jpg


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Ok, it you can’t mention the dog and then not include a pic of said dog. It’s an internet law or something like that...
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