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DIY: 3D CAD Drawings of 5th Gen 4Runner Custom Parts

Discussion in 'Overland Do It Yourself Projects' started by Tony Patrignani, Feb 11, 2019.

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  1. Tony Patrignani

    Tony Patrignani Rank II

    Athens, GA
    Member #:


    Hey Guys,

    Looking to make/build some custom parts for my 2014 5th Gen 4Runner. Does anyone have 3D/2D CAD, Solidworks of custom parts already made or of different sections of the 4runner?
    I prefer to build the parts, rather buy off the shelf stuff. Just need some ideas and dimensions so I don't have to tear the front bumper off just to get the measurements.

    I really want to make my own custom:
    1. Rear window Molle panels
    2. Roof Rack
    3. Rear Bumper
    4. Front Bumper
    5. Hidden Front Winch Mount
    6. Front Grill
    7. Second Battery Tray
    8. Sleeping Platform
    9. Any other ideas?
    10. Show me what you've created for your 5th Gen. Love to see what you all have made!

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  2. Joel S

    Joel S Rank IV

    Canton, MI, USA
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    I’m working on a sleeping platform system for the back of my 5th gen, at work so I’ll grab photos of it later. As far as mounts go, remember that huge companies such as ARB still get vehicles to prototype parts on, and have to measure things up, so most likely you’ll have to do the same
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