Day Trip - Otay Mt Truck Trail - San Diego

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Otay Truck Trail is an easy up and back trail that has amazing views. The surrounding mountains to the Pacific Ocean are absolutely amazing. It is up and back because the two possible exits are gates that are usually locked by the Boarder Patrol or the local electric company. This road is also used by the Boarder Patrol often, so you'll definitely come across them scoping out the terrain. Feel free to ask them if the gates are open. They have always been very kind.

This is a great trail for those who are new to off reading, or to those who just need to get away for a couple hours and get some dirt on the tires. It is no more than 30min away from the heart of San Diego.

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Sounds like a fun time. I have been wanting to check out another one of these easy trails, but Ive been waiting since my Jeep doesnt have AC i didnt do much wheeling in the summer.