Custom all aluminium hard shell RTT

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Hello fellow Canadians! I am putting together a brand new design for a hard shell aluminium tent. Pop up not folding and all made by hand in Ontario. I've been in talks with a metal shop that will make the shell and I will do the rest of the work. This summer I am planning on going across Canada and the state's for approximately 3 weeks and will test the tent fully. If it all works out I am hoping to tweak the design and potentially make them in very small batches for 2019. My question to you is what kind of features and what is most important to you in a tent?

I have not found a tent that has everything I need which led me to make a prototype for this year and test the heck out if it prior to deciding if I will get into manufacturing. I am located in Sudbury and if you have suggestions ideas or questions feel free to comment here. Below you will find my very rough sketches of the two ways of opening that I have narrowed it down to.


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This reminds me of an old apache pop-up hard sided tent trailer. It was pretty cool but there were a few stand out issues.
Set up in the rain sucked, and it was a little drafty.
I am interested in where this design goes.
Good luck to you.