Colorado trip help / recommendations

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I would love some recommendations from the locals--I will be heading to Colorado (driving a 80 series LC from New Orleans) on July 2nd, picking the family up at the Denver Airport on July 4. We are going to Buena Vista on Sat-Sun to do a overnight white water rafting trip on the Arkansas River (Browns Canyon) with AVA Rafting tours (Open to any suggestions if there are better groups to book a trip with). After the rafting trip we will have a couple of days to fill. I would love suggestions on:
1. Trails in the area to hit and possibly camp at
2. Things / attractions to do with the family in the general area (Ie...mountain biking, fly fishing, or other ideas, were open)

I am also going to put the 80 series in storage in Denver (I fly out on the 10th) as I want the truck in the area so I can fly back up a couple of times over the next 90 days to hit some trails and possibly attend the Telluride Blues and Brews festival in September). Anybody have any recommendations in the Denver area for storage or any facilities to steer clear of? Any help would be greatly appreciated.