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Christmas Break = 1500 mi

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Hello all,
Thought I would post some pics of my recent trip from Garnderville, NV (Home) to Ensenada, Mexico. Left home at 1:00 pm on Dec. 24th in the middle of the biggest storm we have had to date. The first leg was 200 miles and I didn't see pavement for 135 of it. Beautiful snow covered roads through Mammoth Lakes, CA took 4 hrs to go 135 miles. The rest of the trip was sunny and warm. Spent a few days on my Dad's boat in San Diego and the rest in Ensenada eating and drinking until it hurt. The Land Cruiser ran great with the exception of a minor charging issue. After some diagnostic efforts I came up with nothing and then the problem went away (I attributed it to a loose connection somewhere).
7786_1114192318614949_5829683663105527579_n.jpg 10856_1113462672021247_2443332912528475580_n.jpg 225171_1114703895230458_4339825852037603490_n.jpg 539210_1033576556694442_4524880160974705575_n.jpg 946751_1115237525177095_8905634410955285817_n.jpg 1170761_1114191355281712_8850175573279459199_n.jpg 1622264_1033576640027767_6457113508467311876_n.jpg 1625550_1115237495177098_3864066387400416009_n.jpg 1914516_1033576413361123_8125422916757002074_n.jpg 12391460_1112578418776339_4931488548822603067_n.jpg
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