Central CA coastal & mountains camping/overlanding recommendations (Ventura to Pismo corridor)

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I can't believe I'm forced to write this post. I'm scheduled to go on a Baja tour (Bob Wohler) early June. Unfortunately, my F350 just blew a shock (Carli Pintop lift, King shocks) and I'm scrambling to orchestrate a rebuild on a tight schedule. My parts are in the work queue at Downsouthmotorpsorts and I'm hoping for a miracle. Meanwhile, I'm constructing Plan B, as I have friends flying in from PA/OH for this adventure. If my truck isn't ready for Baja we'll just car camp in CA (ground tents) using a stock 2010 Tahoe (4wd). I've proactively reserved campsites in Carpinteria and Pismo State Beach campgrounds, better to have something in place this time of year. That'll get us started and we'd improvise and move around from there. I have all the req'd equipment, but don't know that area well. Remember, we'd be in a bone stock Tahoe with fresh AT tires but no lift, winch, etc. This is a driver and now I'm potentially putting it in service.

Do any of you have recommendation for some easy mountain camping spots, dispersed or paid, in this general area (Ventura to Pismo)? I'm still hoping my F350 shocks are delivered in time for Baja ... but I need a what if Plan B. THANK YOU OB community!

Wally K