Cascade mountain camp chairs

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I have some similar chairs (Trek-Ultra, 2/$59.99), though without the high back.

Mine fold up nice and tiny in a zippered bag. I often keep one or two in my trailer for unexpected company. They're too low for me to use regularly, not 'cause I'm freakin' old (though I am), but because they're too low for sitting at my camp table when eating, so not as multi-purpose as I like my gear. Hard for some folks to get out of, too.

There are several vendors that make similar--Helionox, Trek-Ultra, MoonLance and others--and I suspect like some rooftop tents and other gear, many are private labeled from the same couple factories in China. Quality may vary widely. The Cascade Mtn ones are on Amzn, too, where you can read end-user reviews if they have the same version as your costco link.

The leg tips tend to come off on some brands, so need to be glued or some rubber shim put in, and the legs tend to sink too much in sand and soft dirt, too, for my tastes.

Some folks love 'em.
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I had 2 of the REI Flex but found these on craigslist for $20 brand new. It has higher back rest and also come with a pillow. Used it this past weekend in Grand Canyon works well. Packs small and light.