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Hi everyone,

First post to this forum. I will be doing a "build" thread as well after this one. But I wanted to invite anyone with an overland rig that would like to show what mods you have made to a little car show. Our church has a car ministry where they fix cars for folks who cannot afford too. And every year they do a car show. It is free and there is a little bucket for donations for anyone so inclined. There is also a raffle. All the proceeds go to help buy parts etc. for folks.

They want all kinds of cars including 4x4 and overlanders represented. I will be putting my incomplete rig in. I will set up the ARB awning and tent etc. just as a representative, but I would love it if some others would show up and show off some great Overland rigs if you pull an overland trailer that would be cool too!

Name of the show is Resurrected Motors Car Show and it will be on the Key Peninsula at Gateway park on July 21st. Here is a link if you are interested in registering your car and coming.

Resurrected Motors Car Show

Hope to see some other overlanders out there!

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