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California to Vancouver area help

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Hello everyone-
My wife and I want to plan a trip from the Bay Area up to Seattle area and then take a ferry to Vancouver and then head north east a little and then head back home on I5. We have two kids, one is 3 years old now and the other is 1 month. I'm a firefighter and really busy in the summer so I was thinking about doing it this fall or spring of '17 when the weather isn't unbearable. we would stay in some hotels and camp other nights. We did the PCH a few years ago from Eureka CA to Long Island WA and want to continue where we left off there north. Driving 101/hwy 1 for us kind of turned into hiking the Pacific crest trail. We want to stay in a hotel in Astoria OR but other than that I don't have ideas on where to stay or things to see. I would like to do it all in 10 days but I'm wondering if that might be a bit short.