Bow saw or other for small firewood chores?

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My battery operated chainsaw has been freakin' awesome but on some trips I kinda want to get a step or two away from the power tool easy way. I think I want a bow saw to handle light firewood duty. Fiskars makes this 30" model for around $15. Just curious what saws others are using and if there is a better solution.



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Giant heavy Stihl Chainsaw. I make sure any smoke or embers blow towards cali.

Going to have to get a tuned pipe for more fire and noise. I'd cut my watermelon with a chainsaw If I could. 'merica.


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+1 to the Silky BigBoy.

I used a Sven Saw for about 15 years, but I didn't like the angle of the grip and the way I tended to bash my knuckles on whatever I was cutting. Another downside of bow style saws is that they limit the diameter of log that you can process based on the height of the bow.

After using the Silky saw on a few camping trips I'm really happy with it. The saw is faster to deploy than the Sven saw, it doesn't have any small parts to drop on the ground, and it cuts really well. We had an ~8" diameter tree fall in our yard and the Silky made fast work of limbing the tree and cutting it up into manageable sections.
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Silky are the best! You got different types of blades for different types of wood and can change the saw blade when it gets dull.
All the sizes are great, depends on your needs.


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Since no has mentioned it yet, I use this one when we go camping and around the house. This is the 10 inch version. For $20 or less, its a good buy.

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Since I decided not to go with a RTT and I am using a Gazelle instead - I bought one of these hard shell chainsaw boxes that I can strap in my roof basket. It holds my 20" bar Husqvarna 320 saw, a bottle of chain oil, a bottle of 2-stroke mix, an extra chain, the little tools that go with it and this hybrid hatchet thing. It takes like 20 minutes to rip up a dead fall that has been pushed off to the side of the road. Lay on a ton of small stuff and then toss on some smaller diameter rounds and you'll have plenty of fire for a weekend.


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I always have my Stihl chainsaw with in the back of my truck locked under my Diamondback cover along with some gas and oil. I also have a hand saw and a couple of hatchets that go with me when I go camping, two are my son's, he likes to help gather firewood and build fires with me! I'm on the hunt for a Grill that has collapsible legs that I can use for a fire pit and grill combo. Put the legs on up for grilling and down or take them off for a fire pit on the ground!

BTW, if I get one of those handsaws you guys are talking about I'll probably get the Hooyman extendable one, will work for camping and help when I need to trim branches for hunting lanes without making a lot of noise and stinking it up with a gas saw!

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