Book - Advanced Off-Road Adventure Routes UAE & Oman - Mike Nott

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Produced in conjunction with OutdoorUAE, this is the bible of off-road routes in the UAE and Oman. Mike Nott's passion for the desert, his love for off-roading and this region is clearly evident in the 20 routes that this book details in stunning photography, precise maps, and sharp commentary.

The routes vary in difficulty from easy one day routes through to life changing routes that would challenge even the most experienced driver. The book comes with the added bonus of a CD containing all the GPX files needed to get you going and into the desert as quickly as possible.

There is a brief guide of do's and don'ts, what to carry for emergencies, tips on self-recovery and a guide to the different types of off-roading the UAE and Oman has to offer and how to adapt your driving style to the environment. But it is in Chapter 3 where most users will head to first.

Each route in Chapter 3 has a brief overview, detailed waypoints, a map and a narrative to support the drive. The route descriptions are to the point and factual rather than being littered with superlatives and at times this can make the book a little dry and hard to read.

Having now completed 9 out of the 20 routes, I can vouch for the quality of the route planning that goes into this book. There are books that paint a picture of a destination or tells a story of a place, this is not that kind of book, it is a book that gets you from one point to another, it is a book that motivates you, it is a book that gets you off the couch and creates long lasting memories of places to explore.

This is the perfect companion for anyone wanting to get offroad and to explore the UAE or Oman. My only complaint; I wanted, even more routes to explore.


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