US West Bolt on and go! Complete Roof Rack with Roof Top Tent, Foxwing Awning, Solar, Light Bar, Element tracks!GX470!!!!

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So I am switching to a hard tent and instead of cutting everything off to retrofit it, I am selling a complete bolt on and go roof rack system for 03-09 Lexus GX 470. Custom made from mild steel and DOM . Mounts to factory bolt locations. Includes a lightly used Overland Labs RTT with never used annex. 90 watt solar panel, Smittybuilt Element recovery ramps, and an amazing Rhino Rack Foxwing Awning, and last but not least, a super Bright 50” single row GG Lighting LED light bar. This complete set up would cost close for $5000 if you went to a fabricator and had them build it for you with all of the custom mounting options and gear. I will sell it complete for $3500. I will include help installing it for asking price. Wiring harness for light bar will also be included, along with a solar charge controller already mounted to the fuse box cover (I’ll swap you for yours). Another option, is that I sell the entire rig, so I am placing that in a separate listing in vehicles. So go check it out. I just started the order process for a 4x4 Sprinter Van, so I am weighing my options. This setup has been so good to me, and I hate to let it go, but wanted to give the hard tent a try.64F65414-4785-42F5-999D-45078BE6CD50.jpeg333064E8-72CB-49C6-BF7D-0693082E68F3.jpeg83E8A592-3EFE-4BD4-8A96-44B8297932C6.jpeg333064E8-72CB-49C6-BF7D-0693082E68F3.jpeg28C4C3FA-0D84-41B7-A745-BE5AA265B631.jpeg