Black Diamond Lake

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Well we went for another quick drive, this time to Black Diamond Lake.

The former Black Diamond Coal Mine is 5 kilometres west of Collie, and 600 metres south of the highway at a location called Allanson.

The former pits were created by Amalgamated Collieries Pty Ltd in the late 1940's to early 1950's, and abandoned due to the company losing contracts to supply coal to the government. During operations backfilling occurred forming two pits, the western one called Black Diamond B, now on private property, and the eastern one called Black Diamond A. Both are now filled with water. The original coal discovery site at Collie is a few hundred metres to the south-east.

The lake on some days is an intense azure blue colour. Black Diamond A is locally popular for recreation. The site had seen many an idyllic summer's day of families enjoying camping, marroning, swimming, and kids jumping off the cliffs bordering the lake.

In 2016, the lake became part of a pilot programme to rehabilitate and make the lake safe. The cliffs are due to be abolished, possible restricted access, warning signs etc. There is a working party, and community consultative process in place.