Bike Pedals - Quick Release?

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There is no separate bike forum here that I could find, and those I've seen in other adventure forums dedicated to bikes are seldom used, so I'm asking here before going to bike-centric forums.

I'd like to swap out the pedals on my Sondors eBike for quick release pedals, both for storage and security. They will make it much easier and less obtrusive when stowing in the van, to not have pedals sticking out, especially on the starboard side up against my side cupboards. And, when running into town for supplies and locking my bike up in some new-to-me place, will make it more difficult to just cut and peddle away.

Anyone here have any real-life experience of their own with removable pedals that are quick release? I'd like them to be stable, not wobbly like some fold-up pedals I've seen, and able to quick release and put back in without locking pins or rings, which I'd have to carry extra of, I'm sure.

Whaddya have and like/dislike about them?