Bc to ontario, or how i spent $850 on gas in 2 weeks.

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So i just got back to the okanagan from a trip to the motherland in manitoba. Got a chance to explore 3 different and cool areas.

The first pics are from the south boarder road in turtle mountain. This was a cool trail. I cut a few logs but since i was on my own, turned around at a questionable beaver dam crossing.

The second bunch of pictures are from the reynolds ponds area. Such a cool area but really ruined by the sheer huge amount of garbage absolutely everywhere. I filled the trashaoo in a few minutes.

The last picture is from the pipeline trail just over the ontario border. Again i was by myself and we turned around at a big but probably doable mud hole.

It waz a great trip and my 4 year old and i clocked almost 7000 km. Bumpiest trail i was on was ellis street in winnipeg. Need long travel in that city.

We hit 8 national parks and 5 provinces. Definately gonna do it again. Thanks for cheap gas and sharing your trails.20190516_170823.jpg20190516_165757.jpg20190516_164514.jpg20190514_160048.jpg20190514_151110.jpg20190514_150616.jpg20190514_140154.jpg20190514_134837.jpg20190509_150327_HDR.jpg