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Virginia Beach, VA, USA
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Hello everyone, I’m visiting Banff and a few other places near by this summer. Where would be some good campsites for me? Completely self sustainable so no need for any amenities at all.
Thank you all in advance!

Devin P.

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Sherwood Park, AB, Canada
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Banff is a national park, so there is no back country camping so to speak. Link is below for the campground websites for the area. Book early as it is a popular place. The Ghost area north west of Cochrane is probably the closest free camping area. There is also some camping in Kanaskis County which is a provincial park so not as many rules as the national park, but also very busy during the summer months.

Hope that helps, can also reach out to 410 Expedition as they travel that area lots.

Larry L

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There are also campsites farther south of Kanaskis along Hwy 40 - Forestry Trunk Road towards Crowsnest Pass. But these would be farther away from Banff. Devin have you camped at some of these? I was going to try a few last August, but with the forest fires, the smoke was to thick and I went west of Jasper instead.
Larry L


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Thank you guys, would you mind sending me coordinates to anywhere along forestry trunk road?

No specific coordinates but this section, south of Banff/Calgary, of the Truck Road between Dutch Creek Road, Oldman River and Livingston Falls is wonderful, anyware you can pull over.