Australian Ham / Amateur Radio opertors

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well, they want $200 up front, $74 for the exam...and I believe the license runs at $52 per yeat...kind of put me off mate..straight from the club president....

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Yes it seems a bit over the top Luis for sure. I know Amateur Radio Victoria don't charge that much and its held over a weekend and includes a Foundation Theory training course. Link below

Also a link to the WIA website with approved examiners that may help you if you are still interest in getting your license.

Its all changed since I got my License in 1983, we had mores code to learn as well. It was run by the Spectrum Management Authority back then now known as ACMA today.

The license is $53 per year but you get to use quite a few frequencies on a foundation license to start with.

HF : 3.500 MHz - 3.700 MHz, 7.0 00 MHz - 7.300 MHz, 21.000 MHz - 21.450 MHz, 28.000 MHz - 29.700 MHz
VHF : 144 MHz - 148 MHz
UHF : 430 MHz - 450 MHz

There is a Travelers net that runs on 21.185mhz

I used this service nearly every day on our trip to the Pilbara in May / June this year and meet up with a few Ham 4WDers along the way through the net.

Any way sorry to here about your experience with the local club up there. If I can be of any assistance to you let me know.

Take Care

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I have loved radio basically my whole life, as a teenager with a 27 Mhz SSB rig , a car battery in my bedroom and a 5 metre 1/2 wave ringo antenna outside my window ...I spoke to the world ! and it really got me interested in the hobby...i will keep looking and try and find the time ( shift worker) and a Club that has more reasonable prices...cheers guys !