Australia: Victorian High Country

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One of the most famous Australian poem's is "The Man from Snowy River" by Banjo Paterson. It is a poem about a horseman recapturing a prized colt living among wild horses in the Victorian High Country.

While I am not a horse person, it is a poem that sets the Australian character of determination and courage, and ever since I did some military training in the area, it has been a dream to return and explore the region.

Locations and Route
The High Country mountainous part of the Australian Alps lying within the state of Victoria, my home state, in the south-east corner of the country. It is a vast area that takes years of exploration to fully know it.'

We will me dipping our toes in the water for High Country adventuring. It is not the sort of location that you just dive into unprepared. The last time I drive in the area, I put a stone through the transmission sump of a 1976 Holden Gemini and it took 17 hours to recover the vehicle (and we were on a main dirt road).

We will be driving to, and basing ourselves on the banks of the Snowy River, in a small town called Orbost in the foothills of the High Country. From Orbost, we will make four day-trips to the mouth of the Snowy River, and into the alpine tracks that crisscross the hills to the north.

After four days based out of Orbost, we will break camp and drive the Great Alpine Road across the Alps to Myrtleford in the state's north. From there will spend three days day-tripping into the northern reaches of the High Country.

The Great Alpine Road is one of the world's best drives and is the Highest sealed road in Australia. It is 300km of switchbacks and ridge drives through the Alps. And we will be doing it pulling a 1.3t trailer.

The loop from home to Orbost, then Myrtleford and home again is 1200km/745ml. We are expecting the who expedition to be in the order of 2500km/1500ml with day trips.

We are travelling as a family of five with three primary school aged kids. We are driving our 2000 Land Rover Discovery 2 Td5 and are towing an off-road camper trailer. The trailer will form the base camp at Orbost and Myrtleford.